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New Dog? Here Are The Essentials

Man looking for dog leashes.

It’s exciting to get a new dog or puppy, but it’s not as easy as going to the store and taking one home – there’s a lot to purchase to prepare for your new pet. Here’s a glance at what you need when getting a dog:

Dog Food
There are so many options on what type of food to buy for your new dog before they arrive home. Look for organic brands that have meat as the main ingredients, and ingredients that you recognize; and avoid ones that are mostly fillers, like flour, white rice and oats. Choose a dog food based on the dog’s age (puppy, adult, senior). Also, if you’re willing to do the research, you may opt to feed  your dog a raw or cooked ‘real’ food diet, or a mix of both. Find a holistic vet to discuss this option.

Dog Beds
These are the best spots for your dog or puppy to retreat. Dogs require an ideal bed that is comfortable and soft. Dog beds come in different shapes and sizes. Types include; standard and nest dog beds among many others. Choose a bed that fits your dog’s size (if you have a puppy, you may need to purchase a larger one later).

Dog Treats
Everyone deserves a treat – even your pooch! Plus, they’re great for training! There are soft and crunchy treats that vary in flavors, sizes and shapes.  Ensure you select treats that are made of natural ingredients that you recognize, especially ones without caramel color and fillers.

Dog Shampoos
Only choose dog shampoos that are Natural and organic (you’d want this for yourself, wouldn’t you?). There are numerous organic and natural brands of shampoos which include Scruffychops, precious pets,  WildWash and Burt’s Bees.

Dog Toys
Hard rubber toys, bones and rope toys are most popular. It is important to buy safe toys for your dogs to avoid injuries. Kong makes a large selection of durable chew toys (some, you can hide treats in!), and Nylabone has a great selection of bones that are safe for your doggie, which come in adult and puppy versions.

Dog brushes
There are four major types of dog brushes;

These are appropriate for thick haired dogs like German shepherds.

Pin brushes
Pin brushes tend to be appropriate when finishing off the grooming process.

Slicker brushes
Slicker brushes are useful on curly or medium to long-haired dogs, like Yorkshire Terriers, to get rid of mats.

Bristle brushes
These brushes are appropriate for short-haired dogs like pugs, which frequently shed.


Crates provide a secure and cozy place for your dog to sleep. Dog crate sizes differ according to breed type and weight. They range from 18-inch crates that accommodate Yorkshires weighing up to 11kg,  to 54-inch crates desirable for Mastiff and other breeds weighing over 50 kg. To choose the correct crate size, ensure your dog has enough room to stand up, lay down, and turn around with ease; but don’t leave too much room, or they won’t feel secure.

A few other essentials one should have before buying a dog include: nail clippers, poop bags, collars and leashes. If planning to get a dog, use the few months ahead of time to gather up the required items so that when your doggie arrives, you can focus on your new 4-legged best friend!

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