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Swap out Runners for Casual Kicks

royal blue nike casual shoes with white soles and a gold swoosh

Your are an active lifestyle kind of guy and we fully appreciate that your runners / cross trainers are one of you most used tools in your fitness toolbox and by now wearing the worked in wonders offers you a sense of comfort whether its during a workout or simply hanging out on a summer time patio but the reality of reality of the situation is that wearing workout shoes in casual hangout settings in your everyday attire more often than not equals negative style points (unless of course you have just finished a workout or are wearing a workout outfit)

Take a look at these uber comfortable kicks that you can swap out your runners / cross-trainers for that wont break the bank and will actually enhance your look and win you style points.

Puma Suede Classic + Lux

Puma Suede


Available in a wide array of colors and priced at $90.00 (USD) The Puma Suede Classics provide for a plethora of choices to fit just about any outfits color palate.

Click HERE to view a selection of Puma Suede sneakers

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