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33 Top Picks Under $100 from Oprah’s Favorite Things

33 Top Picks Under $100 from Oprah's Favorite Things |

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It’s time for Oprah’s Favorite Thiiiiings! You read that in Oprah’s voice, right? The true queen of holiday gift giving is back to share her favorite things, and as always, her perfectly curated list has something for everyone – the home chef, the tech nerd, the dog mom, the sleeping beauty and more. Although we totally want that fancy $199 InstaShiatsu Foot Massager, we have a lot of people on our nice list and we’re kind of on a budget. We’ve rounded up our favorite Oprah-approved gifts under $100 that should help you check some names off your gift list and keep your bank account happy.


1. Truffle Infused Hot Sauce by TRUFF, $17.98

“This spicy, black-truffle-infused sauce is the really delicious deal. But don’t just take my word for it: Stedman was a Louisiana Hot Sauce man for 30 years before he tasted this stuff.” – Oprah


2. Black+Decker 5-Speed Hand Mixer, $23.99

“Sure, most bakers own a mixer, but does it store its attachments in one sleek snap-on case? Fine… but is it violet? Not only am I saving cupboard space, I’m giving you the color purple! And other colors, too!” – Oprah


3. Professional Lasagna Trio Pan, $18.19

“When you have a family of varying appetites, these will come in handy. All three pan sections are lasagna-noodle size—great for that gang of vegetarian, gluten-free, and carnivorous eaters.” – Oprah


4. Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories, $13.51

“Confession of a frequent dinner-party thrower: It’s hard to remember when you served what to whom. Jacques Pépin’s hand-illustrated menu diary lets you chronicle every time you’ve broken bread and who you shared it with. Merci, Jacques!” – Oprah


5. Martin’s Bar-B-Que Sauce Bucket, $49.95

“Your fire-loving friends will savor this sampler. Each of the five barbecue sauces in the reusable pail pays homage to a Southern hot spot, from Tennessee to Alabama.” – Oprah


6. Truffle Burger Kit by Urbani Truffles, $62

“O my my my—these burgers blended with black truffles are so good! Add dabs of truffle-saturated mustard or ketchup, and your grill game will never be the same.” – Oprah


7. Harper Crossbody, $19.99

“Four RFID-protected card slots, two separate inside compartments, and a detachable crossbody strap, all in one cute little vegan leather bag, can mean only one thing: Gayle King, my purse-loving BFF, bought these for everybody she knows!” – Oprah


8. Children’s Custom Artwork Tote Bag Gift Set, $94

“Sure, you could keep sticking your little one’s doodles on the fridge—or her moving masterpieces could be embroidered onto a handsome canvas carryall you can hold dear everywhere you go.” – Oprah


9. Royal Horticultural Society Gardening Set, $85.74

“#HarvestDay, here I come! This adorable kneeling pad, filled with cushioning memory foam, will be every gardener’s new pal. Just grab its companion gloves and tools, and you’re good to grow.” – Oprah


10. Abbesses Platters by Canvas Home, $40

“Instead of bringing your hostess a bottle of wine, put together an antipasto. Her surprise present: the porcelain platter with handpainted rim. Actually, they’re a lot like the dishes I have at home.” – Oprah


11. Faux Fur Mittens by Glamourpuss NYC, $78

“These faux yet remarkably furry knitted mittens will keep your fingers toasty when the weather outside is fit for yetis.” – Oprah


12. Lacy Fur Tote, $89

“When I saw these perfect-for-winter purses, I thought, Chic! When I learned they’re made from vegan leather and faux shearling? Superb!” – Oprah


13. Peepers Blue Light Filtering Readers and Polarized Sunglasses, $24 – $25

“These aren’t your grandma’s readers or sunglasses—unless Granny wears subtly glittered finishes that say “sexy librarian”!” – Oprah


14. “Empowered” Bracelets by Maya J., $38

“The words you see below are the ones I want my girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy to use to describe themselves. Now they can wear a delicate reminder right on their wrist.” – Oprah


15. Letters for A Year of Gratitude, $6.45 – $16.02

“Well, I have at least one New Year’s resolution ready to go: I solemnly swear to mail one of these tear-out letters every week to thank a different special someone in my life.” – Oprah



16. Bindle Bottle, $36.99

“Never mind that these bottles keep drinks hot or cold. They actually stash keys, a credit card, and money in the hidden compartment at the bottom. Bye-bye, heavy-bag-schlepping!” – Oprah


17. Amazon Echo Spot, $99.99

“Amazon’s latest Echo device, the aptly named Spot, comes with all its older cousins’ bells and whistles—like Alexa voice command and a sleek screen and camera—while being wonderfully more compact. Good things, meet a small package!” – Oprah


18. RapidX X5 Car Charger, $22.53

“Each of these X5 car chargers with an extra-long cord can simultaneously boost up five devices, from phones to tablets. Translation: Both front- and backseat drivers can get some juice without coming to blows.” – Oprah



19. Gemma Plush Slippers, $79.95

“These slippers aren’t just for shuffling around—with an orthotic footbed, they’re bound to put a spring in your step. I slipped them on and thought I was walking on cloud fluff.” – Oprah


20. Organic Coffee Infused Vermont Maple Syrup, $34.99

“Wake up and drizzle the coffee. This java-spiked maple syrup, tapped from Vermont’s Green Mountains, will give your overnight guests an extra morning buzz.” – Oprah


21. Hooded Snuggle Lounger, $95

“I dare you to talk anybody out of wearing one of these velvety-soft pieces with a cozy kangaroo pocket every wintry weekend!” – Oprah




22. Whipped Body Butter & Dry Body Oil Set, $65

“Come to my house right now, and you’ll find Lollia body oil. White tea and honeysuckle? Peony? I want those, along with the matching whipped body butter, and I want my friends to have them, too!” – Oprah


23. Goat Milk Soap Set, $48

“The botanicals, extracts, and goat’s milk in these hydrating triple-milled bars—in fig leaf, ylang-ylang and tuberose, apricot and honey tea, and honeyed grapefruit—come from a farm in upstate New York, not a lab in I-don’t-know-where.” – Oprah


24. Library of Flowers Bubble Bath, $36

“Some people crochet, some collect stamps—my hobby is bathing. So believe me when I tell you that the Willow & Water scent has got it going on!” – Oprah



25. Set of 6 Jumbo Porcelain Coffee mugs, $49.99

“How happy do these 20-ounce mugs make me?! I like the way the handle fits my hand, and they’re wonderful for any kind of soup on a rainy day or hot chocolate on a chilly night.” – Oprah


26. Truffle Snack Tin, $79.99

“Torres Selecta black truffle chips and Pipcorn truffle mini popcorn have joined forces in the ultimate snack pack, complete with a gingham throw that’s perfect for picnics.” – Oprah


27. Rainbow Glass Tumblers, $38.40

“These hand-blown tumblers add major style to every party and contain just about every color in the you-know-what.” – Oprah


28. Desk Journals, $24.99

“These pretty notebooks emblazoned with frown-erasing messages are just waiting for you to jot down everything from tiny musings to big dreams.” – Oprah


29. AHDAM Chai Tea Private Reserve Trio Gift Set, $29.99

“I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai! Or three, to be exact: spiced oolong, ginger, and sweet cinnamon, shipped directly from India.” – Oprah



30. Kid’s Sized See-Ya Suitcase, $79

“These sophisticated, lightweight trunks are built for jet-setters with little legs (they stand just 16 inches tall), but they come in gorgeously grown-up hues like rose, mustard, mint, and rust.” – Oprah

31. Arts and Crafts Library Set, $39.99

“Need to wrap presents in peace? Give your tot this treasure trove of pom-poms, pipe cleaners, sequins, googly eyes, and more. If this kit doesn’t spark creativity, I don’t know what will!” – Oprah


32. Animal Knit Hats, $23.99

“I tip my cap to these completely cute, wonderfully wild hats that let your kiddo tap into his or her inner monkey, bear, wolf, and more.” – Oprah



33. Dog Spa Day Gift Set, $49.60

“It’s time to wash your pug. This cheery set includes a personalized terrycloth robe, a shea butter shampoo/conditioner, and a double-sided brush. In Harry Barker I trust.” – Oprah

By the way, there are a few more dog gifts listed on Oprah’s Favorite Things but they’re just a little more than $100.


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