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Holiday Finance Tips to Help You Shop Smarter This Year


‘Tis the season for holiday parties, tons of sales and getting your gifting done. And guess what: it’s possible to do all of it without wrecking your finances! Read on for holiday finance tips to keep in mind for just about every spending situation: parties, shopping lists, and the best (and worst) times to use that credit card.

Holiday Finance Tips for Parties and Travel

  • Plan potluck gatherings. Instead of hosting expensive parties, organize potluck gatherings to share the costs. Even better, you can ask everyone to bring a special dish or side that they look forward to every holiday season!
  • Be flexible. As we’re all hearing the same horror stories of holiday air travel, it’s a great opportunity to consider alternate travel options, like taking a train or driving.
  • Check your travel rewards. If you’re a points member for certain airlines or you have a credit card that offers travel rewards (more on that below!), be sure and check them to see if you have anything you can redeem! You’d be surprised how quickly those points add up!

Holiday Finance Tips for Sticking to Your Budget

  • Consider DIY gifts. It’s the thought that counts, right? There’s a very strong chance that your recipient will much prefer something from the heart and it’ll save you some cash in the process. It’s a win-win! Check Pinterest for some inspiration and get creative!
  • Opt for a Secret Santa gift exchange. It’s fun, adds to the experience *and* cuts down on the amount of gifting you need to take care of this holiday season.
  • Consistently track your expenses. Whether you set an alarm each week or put some time on your calendar, make an effort to stay on top of your expenses and track your budget. If a sale catches your eye, do a quick expenses check before any purchases to keep your budget top of mind.

Holiday Finance Tips for Utilizing Credit Cards

  • Check your credit card points! If you have a rewards credit card, consider redeeming your accumulated points for holiday gifts or using them to offset expenses. Again, you’d be shocked at how quickly they accumulate!
  • Learn your benefits for each credit card. Tons of different credit cards offer member benefits such as extended warranties, purchase protection, and price matching, to make the most of your holiday shopping.
  • Opt for cashback card purchases when possible. If you’re aiming to use a credit card for a holiday purchase, it may be worth it to use the one with cashback benefits. You’ll be able to use them strategically to earn money back on your holiday shopping!

Curious to learn more about which credit cards work best for your financial situation? Here are the credit cards to consider based on your goals.

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