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10 Gifts for Leos

10 Gifts for Leos |

Leo season is upon us, so if you’re looking to knock it out of the park with a stellar gift for your favorite fixed sign, know this: Leos love to show themselves (and their gear) off for everyone to see. So with that in mind, scroll on for some genius gifts for Leos to help them do just that.

1. Kerry Cassill Sunkist Eye Mask ($22)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Leave it to a Leo to make sure that even their sleeping mask is beautiful. Gift this to your BFF for travel or their too-bright bedroom. 

2. 10″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand ($35)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Chances are, their selfie game is already pretty strong. But this flattering light ring/tripod duo will definitely elevate their game. 

3. Debbie Bean Large Rainbow Triangle ($95)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Leos are all about eye-catching pieces that spark conversations. This gorgeous stained glass triangle will not only look great, but it will definitely impress their company – two things Leos LOVE. 

4. Daringly Different by Diana Vreeland ($185)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Leo’s adventurous streak definitely transfers over to their closets and vanities. This exotic perfume is crafted with Oud, floral accords, leather and tonka bean for a scent that’s just as playful as they are.

5. Sally Blair Ceramics Rocks Glass ($75)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Impressive *and* one of a kind? Say no more. With each ceramic glass standing alone as a unique work of art, something like this just *belongs* on a Leo’s bar cart. 

6. Free People Ascending Medallion Necklace ($55)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Gift your bestie an eye-catching necklace that shouts their fiery sign to everyone (as if they didn’t already know). 

7. Sephora Favorites Sunkissed Glow Set ($45)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Your Leo friend probably has quite the beauty arsenal already, but just in case… this expertly-curated set will have them fully stocked until fall arrives. 

8. Whiskey River Leo Astrology Candle ($12)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Add to their growing candle collection with one that’s all about them. This hand-poured vanilla candle is perfect for burning any day of the year (or you know, Leo season). 

9. House Of Marley Stir It Up Turntable ($200)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Leos live to impress, and this beautifully crafted turntable is the perfect way to help them do just that whenever they’re entertaining their company with their favorite hard-to-find record. 

10. Agate Cheese Board ($78)

10 Gifts for Leos |

Pro tip: when you gift something for entertaining, it will increase your chances of being invited to get-togethers. Each agate slice is a unique work of art that any Leo will appreciate. 


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