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Lavender-Scented Products To Help Us Unwind and RELAX

Lavender-Scented Products To Help Us Unwind and RELAX |

Disclosure: The below contains affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a commission if you click on a link. We hope you like our favorite lavender-scented products — click the titles to shop!

Feeling a little stressed? Having problems getting to sleep? You may want to incorporate more lavender into your daily routine! Lavender fragrance is widely used to help promote calmness, and some even find that it helps their mental health by relieving stress and anxiety. Keep reading for our favorite lavender-scented products to help us de-stress and relax.

1. Homebody Amethyst + Alchemist Pearlescent CBD Bath Soak, $42

Lavender-Scented Products To Help Us Unwind and RELAX |

Whether you’re sore after a workout or you just need to unwind, this CBD-infused bath soak can help! Add some to the tub to help alleviate muscle soreness, reduce inflammation and relax your body.

2. THISWORKS Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29

Don’t have a lot of time for self-care? Try this pillow spray! In just a few quick spritzes, you’ll be drifting off to dreamland without waking up sluggish.

3. Aveda Shampure™ Vegan Soy Wax Candle, $45

Calm your senses and bring calming vibes to your space with this 100% natural soy candle! This fragrance contains 25 pure flower and plant essences, like organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang.

4. Broken Top Candle Co Lavender Mint Eau de Parfum Roll-On, $26

If you’re looking to add more lavender-scented products to your rotation, be sure and grab one that you can take anywhere, like this purse-friendly roll-on. This mint-infused lavender scent can be enjoyed while commuting, before a big meeting, you name it.

5. Yuzu Soap Lavender Aloe Vera Soap, $12.50

Feel fresh and relaxed with this glycerin soap! It’s formulated with plant oils (coconut, palm and safflower) and aloe vera for extra moisturizing properties. It’s even safe for sensitive skin!

6. Voluspa Japonica French Cade Lavender Large Embossed Glass Jar Candle, $30

The candle-burning season is almost here, so make sure you’re ready to go with this gorgeous candle! This French Cade Lavender candle blends notes of French cade wood with verbena and Bulgarian lavender, resulting in the best “day off” candle ever.

7. Aveda Stress-fix™ Creme Cleansing Oil, $29

Use this oil to soothe dry patches and relieve tired, stressed skin. Put some in your hand, bring to your nose and take three deep breaths before applying to maximum de-stressing benefits.

8. Lush Cosmetics Sleepy Body Lotion, $10.95-32.95

If you’re a big fan of lavender, you’ll LOVE this bedtime lotion. It contains glycerin, cocoa butter, almond oil and tonka bean to lock in hydration and prevent that dreaded dry, winter skin.

9. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil, $29-78

This nighttime formula contains a blend of botanicals oils including lavender, squalane and evening primrose to keep skin looking smooth and even. Simply apply 2-3 drops after cleansing and press onto your forehead, cheeks and chin.

10. Skinny & Co. Lavender Natural Deodorant, $14

Add a little aromatherapy to your daily deodorant application! This natural deodorant is made with coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils to keep your underarms feeling fresh.

11. Lalicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub, $36

Treat yourself to this extra-gently whipped sugar scrub. The pure sugar cane crystals gently slough away dry skin cells, while the coconut and almond oils keep your just-exfoliated skin extra soft.

12. Pacifica Lavender Moon Body Wash, $10

Wash away the day’s stress with this antioxidant-infused body wash! With hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, coconut water and plant-powered aromatherapy, it’s guaranteed to seriously elevate your shower ritual.

13. Eu’Genia Essence of Lavender Shea Butter, $12

This multi-purpose shea butter moisturizing balm is a total game-changer. It helps reduce the appearance of scarring, fine lines and improve uneven skin texture and can be applied anywhere you need deep moisture. You can also use it as a deep hair conditioner, eyebrow/lash hold, post-shave balm and more!

14. Laneige Lavender Water Sleeping Mask, $25

This cult-favorite sleeping mask is formulated with Hydro Ionized Mineral Water™ for moisture, while hunza apricot and evening primrose extracts help brighten and purify. It’s also lavender-scented, so you can easily drift off while it’s working its magic.

15. NEST New York Cedar Leaf & Lavender Reed Diffuser, $48

Turn your space into a spa with this extra-calming blend of rosemary, lavender and sage. It also lasts up to 90 days, so you can enjoy the de-stressing benefits all season.

Now that we’re all stocked up on calming lavender goodies, let’s get our spaces tidy and organized! Here are some majorly satisfying organizational accounts to follow on Instagram (don’t forget to follow us, too!)

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