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10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Couple under heart-shaped umbrella

Valentine’s Day is coming and you still don’t know what to get her. Flowers are nice, but you just want something more… Check out these 10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and surprise her this year!

1. Heart-Shaped Umbrella

Brighten up her rainy days with this heart shaped umbrella! This strong, yet lightweight umbrella will shield her from the rain while reminding her of how much you love her!

 2. Diptyque Roses Candle

Roses smell great, but they die in a week.  This Rose scented candle by Diptyque will give her 60 hours of of the heart warming scent – plus, it’s great for setting the mood!

3. LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Give her the gift of luxury, with this 100% pure Mulberry silk pillowcase in light plum. Not only is it comfy, the silk contains a natural protein plus amino acids that have anti-wrinkle properties and will protect her hair and skin.

4. Porn for Women

Finally, the kind of porn women really want to see: Hunky men helping out with chores, listening and asking for directions! Does she have a sense of humor? Then this unique gift is for her!

5. Intelex Cozy Body Boots

Keep her feet warm and cozy with these microwavable plush boots from Intelex. She can slip these on after a long day of working or from watching the kids. When heated, it releases a fresh lavender fragrance for an all-over relaxation session.

6. Knock Knock Apology Nifty Notes

Did you mess up again? Not sure how to explain yourself? Get yourself out of trouble with this Apology note pad! If you’re feeling tension in the air, just check off what you did wrong and why, and the apology is made for you! Then you can go back to being in love.

7. Tub Truffle Bath Soak Assortment

For the health conscious woman, forgo the extra calories of chocolate and instead give her vegan truffles for the tub! Each truffle has cocoa butter and kaolin clay to moisturize and treat dry skin, with essential oils in scents such as rose, lavender, grapefruit eucalyptus and rosemary mint for an aromatic tub session!

8. NanoStyle Jewelry I Love You Necklace and Crystal Earrings

This gold plated necklace says ‘I love you’ in 120 difference languages, all within the tiny black zirconia heart pendant measuring 0.6 inches. Each purchase includes a little magnifying glass so she can read the inscription, while keeping your message close to her heart.

9. ‘To The World’ Mug

Got a coffee lover on your hands? Let her know how you feel with this romantic mug from Quotable Cards. She’ll get a little reminder every morning of just how much you love her!

10. 10 Things I Love About You Poster

Let her know all the things you love about her with this personalized gift. Choose the message, color scheme and frame color for a unique gift that will make her feel amazing and she can keep forever!


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