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8 Things You Can Do Over the Holiday Break to Prep Yourself for a New Year

8 Things You Can Do Over Your Holiday Break to Prep Yourself for a New Year |

Featured photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Phew. 2020 right?! The hits just kept on coming this year. As soon as we shut our laptops and close up for the break, we fully intend on running out our front doors and down the street, while wildly flailing our arms and screaming. For at least a mile or two. But when we’re done, we have some ideas on how we can all take a moment, practice self-care and prep ourselves for a new (and hopefully) better year. Read on for the goods.

1. Sleep

With all the work (and yes, happy hour) Zoom calls and trying to hang onto your sanity, you’ve probably missed out on some sleep. Do your body and mind a favor and catch up on zzzzs over the break. If you need a little help, slip into some cozy pajamas, crack open a book or listen to a sleep train story on the Calm app. (Trust, they are life-changing.)

2. Move Your Body

We’re not talking about training for a marathon. (If that’s your thing though, respect!) Whether it’s a challenging online Bar Method class or just a walk around the neighborhood, take some time over the break to just move that bod.

3. Drink (Maybe Guzzle?) Some Water, Would Ya?

Yes, yes, we know, duh. But sometimes the day gets away from us and we’re like, wait have I had a glass of water today? What is today? Where am I? And how did these three rescue dogs get into my apartment? Ahem. Staying hydrated not only helps your insides, but it also helps your skin. And the winter is about to bring it, y’all. Set reminders on your phone, keep a fun water bottle with you at all times—do whatever you need to keep that water flowing. Your body and skin will thank you.

4. Eat Some Greens

There are those amazing individuals who have used this quaran-time to improve their cooking skills. Then there are others (it me) who have really nailed the ability to make takeout orders. If you do fancy yourself a good chef – have some fun with your menu and switch up your greens to keep things fresh. Arugula, spring mix, spinach—get weird! If you’re more of a takeout gal, there are plenty of restos that serve fresh greens these days.

5. Check In On Your Family, Friends and Yourself

2020 has been tough, man! Some people (yourself included) could be experiencing depression, sadness and just weirdness, especially during the holidays. Bundle up and go for a walk to think and process, or call a friend just to say hi.

6. Write

You don’t have to be a good writer to experience the benefits of writing. Just open your laptop or a fun new journal and let it flow. How are you feeling? What’s not sitting well with you? What are you grateful for? Are you looking forward to anything? What’s one thing you’d like to improve next year? Writing is a great way to do the above tip and check in on yourself and what’s happening in your life.

7. Make Some Goals

Take a moment and really step out of your current situation to think about some goals for next year. Think big – what does your perfect life look like? Think small – what are some things you can do on a daily or weekly basis to move you toward those big thangs? Are there habits you’d like to pick up? Any you’d like to drop? When you feel bleh and/or lost, writing goals down can make you feel hopeful for the future – that there is a light at the end of the dreadful 2020 tunnel.

8. Do Absolutely Nothing

2020 has been one of those shows that you keep expecting to get canceled but just keeps going. (I MEAN REALLY?) So if you spend your break just staring at the wall mumbling to yourself, that’s okay too. Do whatever you feel is right, whether that’s catching up on sleep, breaking a daily sweat, drinking water, eating well, calling fam, journaling and making goals… or just sitting on the couch staring at your dog. (Hey, Bud.) Just remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself a well-deserved break. This year has been a lot to deal with and we all need to grant ourselves some time and space to process.

Happy holidays and happy New Year, friends. With love.

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