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How to Get Ready for This Year’s Golf Season: Fashion Edition

man mid golf swing on a clear day

Golfing Season is upon us, and the greens are just about ready for the clubs and wedges alike. The only thing missing are the morning, noon and night golfers that will hit the courses ready to enjoy a day out on the on the golf course. Take the time now to get your golf gear and accessories ready and replace your tired and worn out clothing. Golfing in the best can prove to be pivotal when it comes to coming in under par on the hard to hit holes.

Clothing- Ditch the idea of any shirts that come past your elbows. If you bend your elbow and your shirt bends with it, the shirt sleeves are too long. Shorts are best worn slightly above the knees, again if they interfere with the bend of the knee, they are too long. Pants should come to barely touching the top of the laces on the shoe. Alternatively, slightly on the rim of the bottom ankle side.

Ladies and Gentlemen- Popular Golf Wear

Nike is hitting the scene this season with polos that are designed with a DRI-FIT fabric and a design that allows for a full range of motion. These Polo’s are sharp, crisp and clean for on and off the golf course. The MM Fly Blade Polo and the MM Fly Roll Polo are the tickets this spring for the sharp and impressive gentlemen. Paired with the Nike Modern Tech Woven Gold Pants, there is an on and off course set that doubles for lunch or dinner directly after-wards.

Puma is taking the ladies on the stylish side with the popular polo tops that feature a much desired moisture-wicking fabric as well as a smart and healthy UPF 30+ finish. The polos are a stylish and popular choice to compliment the Scoop Gold Shorts that also feature the same enhanced fabric features.

Accessories in Golf-Being without them could prove costly

Accessories in Golf are a given. It is within the nature of the sport that one must have certain tools with him/her at all times to use for their game. Here are some of the most popular accessories.

Towels- While many less experienced golfers may believe that the towels are for your sweaty hands or heads, they are designed to maintain clean clubs and golf balls.

  1. The Players Towel is designed by a former caddie and has been used by pro golfers in several winners of the PGA and LGPA as well as the Majors.
  2. In all reality, unless you are a pro player the unanimous and most popular towel on discussion boards seems to be the rough and tumble hotel “style” hand towel or those that can often be found in the generic section in major big box department stores. Typically priced under $5.00, the thinner you can find them, the better they are for cleaning.


  1. Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove- Designed for the left-handed man, the features are beyond beautiful and cover every level of success. The double row of a finger grip on the inside gives the wear the lighter grip when they need it the most.
  2. Titleist Ladies 2016 Perma Soft Golf Gloves are designed with Cabretta Leather. The ladies glove resists moisture and retain their correct size and shape. The added comfort of the cool mesh in the knuckle and finger length area provides for greater flexibility when bending the hands and knuckles.

The list could go on forever with the bags, clubs, drivers, putters, covers and more. For every fascinating clothing item, you can think of there is an equally engaging and coordinating piece that enhances its presentation. The same can be said for the rest of the items. The shoes, bags you can have a complete and alternating set for every day you play. Setting your style and performance will often times revolve around finding a sense of style and comfort in you overall appearance and character. When you are comfortable with yourself, it shows in your game.

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