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7 Packing Tips to Make your Life Easier


It’s time to pack for your trip, but how much should you bring? What should you bring and what is the best way to fit everything in there? Here are 7 packing tips to make your life easier!

1. Make a List

Don’t just add clothes to your suitcase as you’re pulling them out of your closet – Organize a list in advance so you can check it off as you go along, and also do a last minute check before you zip it up one final time.

2. Wash Everything In Advance

If you’re pulling out summer clothes that have been tucked away, wash them in advance so you’re not trying to wash, dry and pack everything up the night before.

3. Try everything on before packing it

If they’re seasonal clothes or dress clothes that you infrequently wear, try them all on. You don’t want to get there and find out they don’t fit, or that you no longer love the style on you, as they will only take up valuable real estate in your luggage.

4. Pack Items that are convertible

If you can only wear your bright orange shirt with your neon pants, then don’t pack it. Bring items you can easily mix and match with each other, so you can keep your total clothing items to a minimum.

5. Research what style you should wear, based on where you’re going and what you’re doing.

If it’s an all inclusive, there’s no point in bringing a ton of fancy dress clothes when you’re spending most of the time on the beach, yet if you’re on a cruise ship, you’ll want to make sure you have a few dress up clothes for formal dining.

6. Roll your Clothes

Do not fold. Rolling your clothes keeps them wrinkle free and gives you way more space in your suitcase.

7. Don’t lug anything you could easily buy there

Are you going to Florida where sunscreen is cheap? Just bring a small one for your first day or two, and then buy one when you arrive. It’s better than bringing too much stuff and having to lug it around. Same with Shampoo and hair products – you can easily find cheap travel items while you’re there that will last you the week,  and you can dispose of them before you go home to avoid any overweight luggage fees.

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