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How to Trick Yourself into Enjoying Spring Cleaning

How to Trick Yourself into Enjoying Spring Cleaning |

Anyone can make a spring cleaning checklist. But actually committing to completing every task on that list is another story! While deep cleaning your entire home is ultimately very rewarding, the process itself is a lot of work and, let’s face it, not a lot of fun. Luckily, in the wise words of Marie Kondo, tidying up can be magical! Don’t believe it? We promise it’s true. You just need to trick yourself into enjoying cleaning by using some fun-filled tips and life hacks to help change your mindset.

Start breezing through your spring cleaning list today by trying out the following suggestions:

Play Upbeat Music

Numerous scientific studies have found that music improves your athletic performance at the gym. So, why not use your favorite pop hits or hip-hop tracks to amp up your spring cleaning? Spotify even offers an array of free, upbeat playlists designed to energize tidying sessions, which make it easy to dance while mopping that floor. If you’re not a music lover, try listening to an audiobook or a podcast related to your interests.

Set Rewards

Remember how when you were a kid, you wouldn’t get your weekly allowance until you finished your chores? Now that you’re a grownup, you can use the same methodology to motivate yourself to clean. Before you begin, make the decision that once you’ve completed tidying for the day or a set amount of time, you get a reward. That reward can be anything from watching your favorite TV show to ordering takeout for dinner, whatever fuels you to get things done. You’re never too old for a self-bribe!

Ruthlessly Declutter

As anyone who loves to declutter will tell you, the process of donating and disposing of unwanted items can feel very cathartic. So, when you’re decluttering your closets or cupboards, make the effort to really get into it! Consider your possessions and be ruthless about which ones you actually need to keep. After all, the less stuff you own, the easier it is to keep your home tidy.

Tidy Up with a Drink in Hand

Never underestimate the power of a glass of wine or a refreshing pint! If the thought of spring cleaning gets your anxiety buzzing (and you’re um, of legal drinking age), loosen up with a drink as you tidy up, clean and declutter. Why save your reward for when you’re done? You’re an adult, so make your own rules!

Think of the End Result

If all else fails, close your eyes and imagine your home after your cleaning spree is complete. Every surface is sparklingly clean, every room is arranged perfectly and there isn’t a spot of clutter to be seen. When you feel unmotivated to spot-clean your sofa or sort through your closets, return back to that mental image of your beautifully tidy home and let it motivate you.

Do you have any motivational tips that help you tidy up? Let us know, and we wish you a very happy spring (cleaning) season!

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