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Six Cheap Vacation Destinations in 2016

pic of plane wing while flying over the clouds into the sunrise

When it comes to vacation destinations, money always seems to be the biggest problem. However, holiday travel should not break your bank: economical planning is the simplest solution. Considering you have a whole world to choose a cheap vacation destination, it can seem like a pretty challenging task. Here are six cheap vacation packages for 2016, chosen based on the cost of inexpensive restaurants and one night in at least a three-star hotel.

1. Panama

Panama City is a prime destination for those who don’t love the sun. The flights will cost you around $700 from the United States, and accommodation will cost you around $40 a night for a three-star hotel. In addition, the package deal will cost you about $1,200, a bit cheaper than other destinations. Unlike other high-traffic destinations, Panama City is still very economical with less odds of being overrun by yound adults, making it a more relaxing vacation regardless of whether you go all-inclusive or not.

2. Florida

Your travel to Florida can either offer cheap vacation packages or expensive vacation packages. While people flock in Miami and Orlando, there are lots of places that offer the sand and sun with a lower price tag. You could take a flight to Tampa for a similar cost as Miami and pick up a three-star accommodation for $ 85 per night as compared to $115 per night in Miami. However, if you insist on Orlando, you will receive cheap vacation packages: hotel as little as $45 a night.

3. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Even in high season like February, Montego Bay is one of the greatest budget-friendly vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The large and always busy airport in the region offer fairly cheap nonstop flights to major hubs in the world. The hotels are mostly smaller, but there is a wide variety, including some good all-inclusive. The flights will set you back at approximately $500, but accommodation can be as low as $30 a night.

4. Boracay Island, Philippines

If you have not heard of Boracay Island in the Philippines, then you are in for a treat with cheap vacation packages. It is a gorgeous stretch of sand, providing exceptional value along with a surprising low-key vibe for winter holidays. The prices of food and hotels in this island are bargains, and mostly cost as low as $43 for a three-star hotel. Nearly every hotel is within two-minute walk from the beach, so you can stay at most of them and feel like you are in luxurious and desirable spot.

5. Santiago, Chile

With warm days that are bone-dry for the better part of late summer, Santiago is a must visit for people traveling to South America or concentrating to Chile. It is a city with almost everything you would want in a vacation, including beaches, culture and food. Although summer is a high season for hotels in the city, things are still quite reasonable by international standards. You can book accommodation in a three-star hotel for at least $40, so it remains a great bargain.

6. Dominican Republic

This country has earned its reputation for snowbirds and as one of the relatively cheap vacation destinations. It has a few popular destinations like Puerto Plata and Punta Cana. The fights will run you around $500 to either destination from the United States, but the three-star hotels are available from as low as $35 per night. Like other cheap vacation destinations, you can look for cheap vacation packages deals to maximize your savings. For instance, you can roll your hotel and flight together in a week, all inclusive for about $900.

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